Pandora FMS database first day of use

When you are initially creating the Pandora FMS 3.2.1 on a hosting system then you may hit two problems,

Open_basedir restrictions stop the install script (version 3.2.1) from seeing if the Graphviz binary exists (/usr/bin/twopi ) which is probably there because to get the Pandora FMS installed then Graphviz is a dependency. This shows up as an error on the list of dependencies for the FMS installer web page but if you know that you have the file (/usr/bin/twopi ) then you can click the skip to next step button.

When Pandora FMS creates/updates the pandora MySQL username then it changes the password but unless the RELOAD privilege is on the administration MySQL account then this script fails but it has created the config file. If you are creating the MySQL users via Plesk then this RELOAD privilege is not set. The install fails and you have an empty database. All is not lost – in the pandora_console directory there are two SQL files pandoradb.sql and pandoradb_data.sql. FTP these to your local PC, then use Plesk to create the pandora database and pandora user. Then use the mysqladmin (from within Plesk) to import these two files (it picks them from your local PC). Import both files in turn.

Now edit the /etc/pandora/pandora_server.conf file and set the password that the install created for the pandora MySQL account. Restart the Pandora FMS server ( sudo /etc/init.d/pandora_server restart )

Pandora FMS should now work (the default account is admin and the password is pandora). Obviously on internet-facing Pandora FMS consoles then that is the first thing you change !