Using mozBackup – awesome program

My main laptop that I use on a daily basis just is not surviving this weather (we’re 30 DegC indoors). It’s a 5 year old IBM that has had a hard life but the CPU is overheating and so the CPU is going into thermal shutdown.

I’m migrating my settings to a spare Laptop whilst I pull apart the IBM to fix it.

The new laptop is a clean build from bare metal and whilst I can copy files from backups I need to also copy my profile for Firefox and Thunderbird.

I used mozBackup and it works perfectly. I installed version 1.5.1 on the old laptop, performed the backup of Firefox (version 5.0) and Thunderbird (version 3.1.11) and then installed the mozBackup on the new laptop and did a restore (Firefox is 5.0 but Thunderbird on the new laptop is 5.0 as well).

All my emails, passwords and settings have been copied perfectly. The Firefox backup file was only a few megabytes but the Thunderbird was just over 1 Gigabyte. I have a dozen email accounts and hundreds of thousands of emails. This is a real torture test for that program and it worked perfectly.

I have enigmail and lightening so you’ll have to update these to the new versions but Thunderbird does this for you when you first use it. Also on the new laptop I have installed GNU-PG version 2 so you’ll have to set the OpenPGP preferences to the gpg2.exe file but that is about it.

I’ve just donated some money to this developer. This is the second time in 4 years that I have used this program and it’s done the job just right.