Print it : Read it : Use it : Flush it.

I saw that someone had created an old style ticker-tape printer for Twitter feeds. I remember the days of 50 baud TELEX systems so there is a nostalgia here but I also remember being electrocuted on frames a few too many times with the +/- 80 VDC signalling that TELEX used from the exchange. That hurt.

A long while ago I thought of printing Wikipedia onto Toilet paper. The ever-changing, ever-growing nature of Wikipedia meant that you would never run out of material. Copyright was simple. Content filtering would be a lot harder. Then I imagined what would happen if someone found their favourite leader, person or icon was pre-printed onto toilet paper and back-burnered this idea.

Perhaps if there was a printer that was made that you could print your own toilet paper at home with your own Wikipedia data, Twitter feeds or even RSS feed. No need to censor as it is your home and it obviously needs no ideas from me for you to think what to print if you’ve spent even a few minutes in the more radical political arenas of the Internet. The more inappropriate and bizarre the political sentiment the more deserving to be printed onto this paper.

Maybe done centrally and you order say a dozen rolls of Political quotes from 1992-2012. Now that is adding value to a commodity !

Anyway just an idea…..

UPDATE: It appears that some else has the same idea – – for printing the toilet paper centrally from your Twitter feeds so I guess the technology to print on demand, rather than a pre-set pattern, must exist in the toilet paper world.

They launched on the 28th March so 4 days after my post here on the Twitter feeds but I see their domain name WHOIS was a month ago so they’re ahead as it’s a real product so great work whoever you are !.