Resetting Plesk subscription Renewal date to never suspend

If you have a virtual host with Plesk Parallels for your own use then you might accidental setup your subscriptions to expire which is a bit annoying for internal users that have no need for billing related expirations. Though you may change the Service Plan to never expire this does not update existing subscriptions and they will remain with an expiry date.

To remove this expiry date you must first set the service plan to have an unlimited Validity period (see bottom of the setting page for the service plan) and then go into each subscription that has a renewal date i.e. it is not “—” and customise the Expiration date to be unlimited.

This will now lock that subscription but it will have no Renewal date. Now you click the Unlock and Sync and this subscription is now back in sync with the service plan with no renewal/expiration date.

Do this for each subscription that you do not bill clients for.