Vodafone RAS error code 635 not always a technical problem

A client had got a RAS error code 635 when using a Vodafone Mobile Broadband Lite USB key. It was working fine the day or so before and now it doesn’t work. The error message has lots of things you can try regarding devices and account types but the first thing you should check if this is a contract account is to verify that the account is in order if the service was working fine and now has stopped.

After re-installing the device and installing on a different laptop it really did look to be a problem with the Vodafone side. The client checked with the helpdesk and found that their contract payment hadn’t gone through. The problem is that the client had moved banks and the standing order from the new bank wasn’t setup. Vodafone (quite rightly in some regards) had disabled the SIM/account.

The client is now settling the account and making sure the bank standing order is working….and after a couple of hours delay the USB key is now connecting.