IPv6 Testing

Just provisioned an IPv6 address on this server. I’d initially tried using an IP6 over IP4 tunnel but this server uses venet virtual interfaces and they don’t seem to be very friendly with the sit interface (nor tun). After managing to lock myself out of the server (had to edit the /etc/network/interface and interface.template to remove my changes and then reload) I went with the Host Europe allocated IP address. I kind of wanted my own range (i.e. /64 from Hurricane Electric) but then I also want the server to run as dual-stack IPv6 so I’ll live with the hosting provided address for the moment.

You need to have Plesk version 10.2.0. If you have added the IPv6 on top of an existing installation then you will have to go into each of the subscriptions for the domains that you want IPv6 support and select Change Host Settings and then pick the IPv6 address. It is your hosting provider that issues you the IPv6 address through their provisioning system.

In your DNS provider you need to add a name that points to the IPv6 address (an AAAA record). I have used ipv6 thus ipv6.openmutual.org can now be connected to from a IPv6 client.